Second Chance

Date: 23-05-2010    Time: 1am plus      Rod: Centuary Vectra 13ft      Reel: Daiwa Saltiga 40     Line: 30lbs mono     Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder      Bait: Fresh Squid

We was there around 5pm in the afternoon. We are aiming for a catch on this evening full tide around 7pm which has the best current flow for today tide table.

The first few squid caught was all casted out as bait. Our prediction was on target. Around 7pm…Lai rod which was on the extreme last corner the reel alarm goes off. Hong was the first to pickup the rod and strike. Wow…the fish goes off with full speed. Hong feel it was big so he pass the rod to me. I took over and the line just keep running out. I waited for it to stop and it happen after a good run. I try to put pressure on it and pump the rod up, but the fish just not turning around. After a brief stop, it continue to run on the seabed. With this happen, I know very well it is a big one and chances of landing it is very slim. Any moment the line will be cut if the fish pass by any structure on the seabed. True enough, the main line was cut somewhere near to the rig. The big one is gone.

When the tide change, the current was slow. As the night is still early, we continue to fish. Around 1am, Lai got his second chance. His alarm went off again. Same Hong got to his rod and strike. Yes.. fish is on but seem it is smaller as it didn’t strip so much line as the first one, Hong very fast got it up at mid water level. But it didn’t surrender fast. It got Hong to have a good workout with some good tug of war. After sometime, Hong got a bit tire and ask me to took over. I took sometime to surface it. An was ready with his newly made gaff. But the gaff sharp point was at a wrong angle and after few try still can’t gaff it. Upon seeing it, I ask Hong to hold the rod and I get my gaff. I easily gaff it and bring it up. It weigh 12.5kg on the scale.

With this catch, Lai ended his dry spell running for over a year. Thanks to the sea dragon king who gave him the second chance.

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