The morning wolf herring

Date: 22-08-2010     Time: 7am to 11am.     Rig: Cable car with live herring(tamban)

The jetty was quite empty this morning. Its seldom happen on a sunday morning. I went back there early after some rest on my mobile home last night. Tide was already half way up and the current flow was smooth. Tamban was quite rare. We only manage to jig a few fresh one.

Around 8am. Ah An Penn PPT side winder rod pair with his Abu 10000C got a slide screech. He strike and a wolf herring was seen jumping on the water surface. Without much effort, he bring it close and use the rod to lift it up. It weigh around 1kg.

We continue fishing. When the tide was about to full around 10.45am, I saw my big game rod pair with a Daiwa saltist 20H reel the rod tip shake. I went to stike it and the fish is on. It first struggle under the water before surface up and make a few acrobatic. This few jump it manage to cross the line on the next rod. I ask Ah Bee to come over to untangle it and use his hand to lift it up. It weigh 1.2kg on the scale.

I packup around 11am while Ah An, Ah Bee and the rest continue their fish hunting. What a good morning fishing with this good size wolf herring aka Ikan Parang aka Sai Toh her.


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