Our Surf Fishing Competition

Road leading to bedok jetty was close this morning for the youth olympic game so we headed to changi beach for a day of surf fishing competition. We started from 9am and ended at 4pm.

Total there are 10 anglers participating with 10 long surf rods.  We used assorted baits like tamban, cuttle fish and freshly caught sandeel. We were hoping to land some ray there but seem today the big ray is not around. Only saw one other angler fishing nearby caught one roti prata kosong.

Early part of the day it was drizzling rain non stop. Only at around 2pm that the weather turn fine. Tide full at around 2.45pm and that was where the bite started to come in.

The result ended with Adam winning first with a 1kg flat head. Second n third was Yusof with a 500g and 400g flat head.

Many thanks to Ah An and Ah Bee for their effort of getting the fresh tamban. Yusof for catching the sea worm on the spot as bait for the sandeel.

Its a great gathering. If the weather is good in the morning, the result might be much better.


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