National Day Award (Evening)

Date: 09-08-2010     Rod: 8ft Fixed spool mixed brand      Reel: Small Fixed spool      Line; 20lbs mono      Rig: Cable Car       Bait: Live Tamban

Can’t Sleep for long during daytime so went back to the jetty in the evening. Simon, Tee Kia and Eric already there. Only Simon was fishing with two rods. One on bottom big game and a smaller rod on live bait cable car.

The jetty was quite crowded with public waiting to view the fire work in the night. I setup a rod and casted out then went to help Simon to jig for bait fish. At that time the fly past helicorpters just flew past the jetty top and had very loud sound. Suddenly I turn around and saw Simon shorter rod tip bend over. Then the reel sounded and the rod almost topple over the jetty railing. I quickly grab hold of the rod and strike. While all this happen, Simon was not aware. Its only when they saw me fighting the fish that they run over. I pass the rod to him. He fought for awhile then pass it to Tee Kia. The fish was doing all sort of acrobatic on the water surface and entertaining the crowds that was watching and shouting like”Hooo…arrrr…..beautiful…..wowww…. bigggggg…” Eric took over the rod to play. I saw the fish was quite big so I fixed up my gaff. Awhile later, Eric play it near to the jetty and I gaff it up. It weigh 4.6kg on the scale. Almost everyone who witness the fight took photos on the fish like it is another national day display.Laughing

Simon didn’t want the fish so I took it and fillet out the meat. It will be fish and chip for me again next week.

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