2011 my first catch

Date: 22-01-2011     Time: 10am      Rod: Penn Powerstick 10ft.     Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40      Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader.     Rig: Cable car     Bait: Live herring

Was there last night until 2am. Only caught a small marine cat fish around 500g when the tide is full. Went to sleep at my mobile home until this morning 7am and headed back in.

Casted out two rod with bottom and cable car rig. Bottom bait was very lasting some hardly need to change bait. When water is three quarter up, tamban become rare. Luckily my live bait still around and a hit is on around 10am. My Saltist reel alarm went for a screech. I strike and the fish is on. It did two acrobatic jump on the water surface and I can see it was a queenie. After some dash and circle around, I bring it near to the jetty. I used my rod to lift it up. Never weigh but it should be around 1kg plus.


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