Fresh Fish Meat

Date:02-02-2011       Time: 9.00am       Rod: Penn PPT Sidewinder 13.6ft        Reel: Penn 225 LD       Line: 30lbs mono      Rig: Cable car       Bait: Live tamban

We all don’t need to work today as it is the lunar new year eve.  We suggest go for a early morning fishing. Ah Ann was the first to reach around 6am follow by Hong and Lai. I went they around 8am. Tide was on the way up and the current was smooth. We cast a bottom bait and follow by a cable car rig on the top. Live tamban was alot so no problem of having live bait.

My rod was the first on action when I hookup a garfish about 400g on my cable car rig. Ann follow soon also a same size garfish with the same method as mine.

Then when the tide full, Ann reel alarm goes off. He strike and a queenfish was saw jumping out of the water surface. He fought for awhile before pass it to Hong to play. I get the gaff ready and Ann make a fast gaff and we pull it up. It hit the scale at 3.3kg. A good size especially on a cable car rig. The fish was later fillet out the meat and I bring it back. I going to have a fresh fish n chip this lunar new year.

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