Date: 19-11-2011     Time: 11pm       Rod: Penn PPT Sidewinder 13.6ft.      Reel: Penn 225GLS       Line: 30lbs mono       Rig: Long snood bottom feeder       Bait: Fresh squid

The Down tide is about to end. The current already stop flowing…We had been fishing since the early night and there is no action…..Earlier ago….POH….one of my buddy was grumbling water was so nice and why not even a barracuda come to take our bait….I answer him that the barracuda here had been badly pamper and if no fresh squid as bait there dont eat….

As now is already near to the year end….squid is quite rare now…..I only manage to caught a few and all had been use as bait….I still need to caught one more for Ah AN to use. Luckily not long after I manage to get one. I pass it to AN and he change it and casted out.

Just a few minute later….POH heard a fish jumping out of water and as he was standing near AN rod. He instantly pickup the rod and do a hard strike…..YES ON….AN come on and take over the rod….The fish swim inward…..he easily wind back….It surface….. BARRACUDA….yes….it take fresh squid….HONG grab hold of the leader and haul it up….I place my squid net below the fish as safty net…A near to 2kg fish landed..

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