Big Garfish

Date: 24-02-2012     Time: 6.30pm      Rod: Penn Slammer 10ft      Reel; Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs braided join with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Cable car       Bait: Live tamban

Reach there around 6pm. Tide was still going down. Casted out two set of rods with frozen tamban as bait. One added with a cable car rig with live bait after I manage to jig one.

While I continue to jig for tamban….I saw my cable car rig was straighten out just below the water surface….this show that something had grab hold of my live bait as my rod tip rattle also. I keep watch but didn’t make my move….After about 30 sec later..haha…it pull hard and the reel alarm scream…pause…then scream again as the fish move…

I grab hold of the rod and strike…Yes…fish on….The fish jump out of the water surface and those who was there watching…WOW!!!!!!!!….hahha….

After some struggle….it gave up and I wind it in….It was too heavy to lift up by the rod so I ask another angler to hold my rod so that I can haul it up with my hand…

Once on the floor…those peoples there watching already clicking away with their phone camera… It hit the scale at 2.5kg….YES…It is another record for myself on Garfish( Todak) caught by a cable car rig.

My personal record for shore fishing on Garfish is 3kg but it was caught on a long snood bottom feeder rig.


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