First Fish for 2013

Date: 01-January 2013   Time: 1300hrs    Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft     Reel: Shimano Torium 20   Line: 30lbs braided join with 50lbs mono leader     Rig: Cable car    Bait: Live Tamban

Last night was the eve of the new year…but it rained heavily and non stop until early this morning. No choice. I had to abort my annual new  year eve fishing trip. Missed those red color flare fire from the ships parked at sea when the new year arrived plus the crowd that gathered at the end of the jetty to watch the fireworks from marina bay.

This morning I look at the tide table. The tide comes in at 0718hrs at 1.5m  and full at 3.1m 1258hrs noon follow by the downtide finishing at 1935hrs this evening. I decided to fish at 11am to 2pm which is two hours before and two hours after the high tide.

After packing my lunch, I headed down…Reached around 11am. The current was already in a stand still as the downtide got a better current flow so it stop early. Setup my tackle and started  jigging for bait. But as the current had stop, I can’t even get one. No choice but had to wait…Around 12.30pm, the current started to turn. One of my friends Mr. Poh manage to jig a live tamban. He passed it to me. I quickly cast out my tackle and lowered down the tamban on a cable car rig.

Within few minutes, my rod tip shook. I know it could be a Garfish taking the live bait. I didn’t strike immediately. Instead I waited until the second time the rod tip bent down then I struck. The fish did a acrobatic jump on the water surface. It was a small todak(garfish). Within minutes I wound it in and lifted it up by the rod. The fish was given to an angler there.

I checked my cable car rig. The 30lbs dupont line is a bit rough due to the abrasion by the garfish teeth but has no visible cut. I  re- used the rig.  Mr. Poh passed me another live tamban. I lowered it down again.

Now the current is moving faster…My cable car rig was pulled lower down. About 15 minutes later while I was jigging for bait, suddenly there was a long and loud screaming from my reel alarm which can even be heard by people at the middle of the jetty.  I picked up the rod and struck! The fish just kept going. At this moment I don’t know what fish I caught. It cannot be a garfish as it didn’t have this type of power. Queen fish, maybe, but it didn’t do any water surface jumping. After struggling, it turn to my right side and swam slightly inward. I kept winding back the line and manage to surface it near the jetty. It was a Queen fish. I asked a angler (Weimin) to get my gaff. He then held my rod and I gaffed it myself. I landed a Queen fish weighing weigh 2.6kg. I am happy for a new year day catch.


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