It came at the right time

Date: 26-01-2013     Time: 0905hrs      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft     Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40     Line: 30lbs braided join with 50lbs mono leader     Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder     Bait: Frozen Tamban

Chinese new year is just about two weeks away…I always prepare my sea food early as I don’t like the last minute rush. Last week I went to a wet market trying to pick a nice size fresh grouper…I saw one…but when I ask the price, it was $34.00 per kilo…Haha…a bit too high for me…end up only buy the prawn.

This morning I went to the wet market again…The fishmonger saw me…The first thing he said is” eh…U want fish go jetty and fish la…why come here?” Haha..I laugh..”Boss…Jetty no gurantee got fish le…I better buy to play safe”. I saw his store got tenggiri n some grouper…I ask the price…both same at $20.00 a kg. I order 2kg of tenggiri meat and pick the biggest grouper there although it don’t look quiet fresh..Its about 800g and with the tenggiri meat total was $60.00.

After keeping it in my freezer, I pick a pack of five frozen tamban which I caught few days ago and headed down to the jetty. Reach there the water was rising but the current flow already stop. See some people jigging but end up no tamban. Setup my tackles and cast it out on bottom feeder rig with the frozen tamban as bait. After this I go look for live bait..As the current hasn’t turn…no tamban can be found..

Suddenly I heard one of my friend calling me..He say my reel did screech twice…I look at my rod tip but no movement le…I walk back to my rod….then I saw a very slight tug…I pickup and strike… heavy at the end…Just feel alittle struggle at the end of the line…The feeling is either a grouper or a puffer…Haha…So while winding back slowly…I keep on guessing and praying…No puffer No my heart was talking…Very lucky when it turn out to be a grouper…I used the rod to lift it up….just nice…about a kg in weight…Thank you Sea Dragon King…It just come at the right time.


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