Wolf Herring

Date: 29-01-2013     Time: 1815hrs     Rod: Penn Power Stick 10ft     Reel: Shimano Torium 20     Line: 30lbs braided join with 50lbs mono leader     Rig: Cable Car      Bait: Live tamban

Arm with 5 pcs of frozen tamban, I headed there around 6pm. Downtide was about to end but still got some current flow. Casted out two sets of tackle with bottom feeder rig.

When to jig for live bait but no bite at all. It only after I went around trying at different spots that I manage to caught one. Quickly hookup on a cable car rig and slight down as still got day light.

After this I went around to jig again…Not long after I move off, one guy shouted for me…Saying my reel did screech and he saw a wolf herring jumping on the water surface. I went back but my rod got no action..Knowing the fish might sink downward…I waited…Only when I saw my rod tip move that I strike…YES…something at the end of the line..Winding back the line slowly…It surface up…Yup..a wolf herring …I use my rod to lift it up…estimate around a kg. Haha…my only live tamban has change into a wolf herring…


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