He broke that long waiting Zero catch

Date: 30-04-2013      Time: 8.20pm      Rod: Replica Century Vectra 13.6ft      Reel: Shimano Trinidad A 30      Line: 30lbs mono      Rig: Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: Dead Tamban

Ah Hong fish almost every saturday night….but for the past one over year….he caught nothing…Fish that take his bait always ended up line snap or missed hook. It happened so many times that we had to label him with white foot base(bad luck). Some even ban him for striking their rod when a fish take the bait.Laughing

We know he is very desprate to hookup one to prove us wrong..haha…but it happen again n again until he himself lost confident….It show sign last night….

I went there early before they came. I manage to jig some tamban as bait before the sky turn dark.  Ah An come first before Hong. Tide was on the way down but current already slow down. We setup squid lamp to catch squid but was very rare.

It was around 8.20pm when the down tide was about end…We were chating when his reel alarm screech….He was just next to it and strike it….Yes…fish on…Me n An start to wind back our line to avoid entangle….Then Hong say the fish swim inward….I was fixing up the gaff when I can see he is worried….worried that the samething will happen again n loose the fish…So he ask me to take over….

I took over the rod and play the fish…leaving the fixing of gaff to ah An…I also order both of them to bring up our two squid lamps…reason is fishes are afraid of bright light….they will fight all out when U want to bring them to surface….

Without the squid lamp….I easily bring it to surface….As the water was low….It is not easy to gaff it as below the jetty is very dark….Ah An try few time but fail….Hong saw it and come over to hold the rod from me and I take over the gaffing job….I also missed a few gaff before I got it. It weigh 4.2kg after landed….

Ah Hong was so relief after this as he had finally break that fat zero and no more a white foot base…Laughing



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