Four Fishes in a night

Date: 16-11-2013

Total of four fishes were caught by my friends last nite…All are on fresh squid bait with a long snood bottom feeder rig.

First one was a 1.2kg grouper by SF around near to 7pm when the sky about to turn dark. His Penn slammer pair with a Shimano TLD star alarm sounded. He go to strike and wind in this nice grouper…I took his squid net to scoop it up.

Around 8pm plus…Ah An Century Vectra rod pair with his Shimano Torium 30 alarm sounded. He strike and a fish jump out of water surface…easily he wind in a 2.5kg barracuda(Top photo). I used my hand to grab his leader and haul it up the jetty.

10 pm plus…Ah An heard a water splash of fish jumping…He went check all the fishing rods….He found Ah Hong Century Vectra rod pair with a Shimano Trinidad reel line slack….He pump and found it heavy….wind in a 2.9kg Barracuda quietly. He used the rod to lift it up.(Sorry no photo as owner not around at time of catch)

11.50pm…While I walk pass Ah Hong Centuary rod after casting mine…I found his line straighten at and unusual angle. There was no current at that time and I know SF has just cast this rod out not long after changing bait for Hong. I decided to go for a strike to check….Endup heavy at the end of the line…I know it had a hookup but there was no struggling at all. Wind back and it was a golden catfish around 3kg. SF grab hold of the leader and haul it up. ( sorry no photo also)

 photo SF12GPr.jpg

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