Flat Head

Date: 14-02-2015     Time: 20.00      Rod: Murugen Pathfinder 7ft.     Reel: Silstar AT80 Spinning reel.     Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono.     Rig: Short Snood bottom feeder      Bait: Live kambong.

As tonite high tide is early at around 8.30pm, after that the current is slow. So i decided to bring another rod to target the big barramundi below the jetty. Bait fish was very rare this afternoon. I started to jig around 4.30pm but only able to get a few. Among it was a small kambong fish. I decide to use it on a live bait cable car rig.

No taker even until 6.30pm. I decided to switch tactic. I change the position of the rod and also the rig to short snood bottom feeder. My target…the big barramundi below. Using the same live bait, I lower it down the jetty.

Around 8pm, I saw my 7ft rod rattle alittle. I decide to check, well… it turn up this flat head grab my live bait. As no more live bait and the current has die down, I call it a day.

Flat head photo 20150214_Flatehead.jpg

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