My Long Waited Cobia

Date: 31-12-2016     Time:10.45am     Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft White.     Reel: Shimano Torium 20      Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader     Rig: Long snood bottom feeder    Bait: Selarpan


Has been very long didnt fish day time at the jetty. As the squid season come to an end, I decided to do some day fishing. Today tide was good as it high at around 12pm. Looking at the weather, it show only afternoon than got rain. So I went to wet my line this morning.

Bait fish is hard to get. I jig quite long and none at all. A regular aunty there offer me a small selarpan as she use prawn meat to caught it. I take her offer and cast out my first set of tackle. I follow up using a cable car rig on the same tackle with a live tamban when i caught it.

Ten minute later, I saw my rod tip rattle…I strike the rod and wind in a small todak fish caught by the cable car rig. I gave the todak fish to some Bangala worker who were there as they don’t work on the last day of the year. The bottom bait on my rig was still intact so I cast it out again.

The weather now become clearer so i decided to set up my second set of tackle. While I was tying my long snood to the rig, I notice my line went slack. I pickup the rod and strike…heavy feeling at the end. Then a fish back fin appear on the water surface….Haha…this is the fish I had waiting for…Four years already….COBIA…It swim toward my right….I got worried as there is four rods n line over there. Sure to entangle as they didn’t keep their line. I use my rod to steer it back…Luckily…the fish turn and swim inward. I wind back as quick as possible to prevent it from going under the jetty. By the time it near the jetty I already in total control of the fish. Swallow hook…thats the best. I ask one guy to hold my rod as I set up my gaff. Maybe I am getting old or too “kancheong” as i missed two gaff before got it on the third time.

Fish on the jetty floor…time to celebrate…haha…I am so happy….Take picture and weigh..5kg…smaller as compare to my two previous catches…But….Satisfy…a catch before 2016 ended.



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