Two bait one fish

Date: 11-02-2017    Time: 0900 hrs     Rod: Penn Power stick 10ft.     Reel: Silstar AT80 spinning   Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Cable car       Bait: Live tamban

Headed down to the jetty early this morning as the tide full at 11am. So it only a few hour left to try my luck. Water is mid way up n current is smooth. But to my surprise, bait fish is super rare. After twenty minute of jigging here n there….none at all. Then come  Sam…a regular tamban jigger. He caught two and pass it to me.
I quickly use a live one on a cable car rig and lower it on one set of tackle. The other tamban i cast it out on a bottom feeder rig with another set of tackle.

Continue on my bait jigging but still no catches. Then 9am…Sam shouted to me fish on…I turn around n saw my rod tip bent…line running out….then a fish jump out from the water surface…Haha…Queen fish… It then dive downward…taking more line…. I tighten more drag on the spool…then the fish swim inward…I wind back my line fast…until I feel tension again.
It leap out of the water once again…after this i manage to take control and surface it…another angler there come with a rope gaff and pull it up. It weigh 3.5kg.



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