Date: 02-12-2017      Time: 10.30am      Rod: Shoreangler Jetty surf 9ft.      Reel: Silstar AT80 Line: 30bls Braided with mono leader       Rig: Cable Car       Bait: Live Herring(Tamban)

Long time didn’t do day fishing. This morning see weather good go for a short trip. Reach there tide already full. Jig for a live bait and down it goes with the cable car rig. This is the first bait down and it come with a result at 10.30am. The fish took the bait and cause my reel alarm to sound. The rod even bounce up from the jetty railing when the fish do a surface jump. Wow!…I pickup the rod to strike and wind back. Up come a nice Garfish.

GarFish20171202_102953 (1)

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