Two fishes within an hour

Date: 08-12-2017      Time: 1800hrs      Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft White      Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40       Line: 30lbs Braided with mono leader      Rig: Cable car       Bait: Live herring

Went there early today for some live bait. Tide is going down and still have another two hours to change. Current flow is good and smooth. As usual, as the sun is still bright i will try surface fishing. Jig my first live bait and down it goes with the cable car rig.

While i was preparing my other tackle, my reel screech. I can see this wolf herring leaping out of the water surface and down again. I strike, wind back and lift it up. Good size wolf herring.


Time 1840hrs down tide     Rig: Long snood bottom feeder       Bait: Fresh dead Mackeral

After landing the wolf herring, the sun already going down so I change my method to bottom fishing.

I choose my only freshly caught baby mackeral as my fish bait and cast it out. Reason is the mackeral is faster deteriorate than other bait fish once caught.

Within few minute, my reel alarm sound…zzzzzz…..zzzzz….zzzzi…it keep going out….woww!!!…..I pickup the rod and strike….zzzzi…still running…Only after awhile that it stop and I start gain back some line. Some tug of war started and it move along with the current flow. I had to follow it moving toward the left. It try a few time wanted to dive deeper but i keep putting pressure by thumping my reel spool. Upon success of controlling it, the fish already near the jetty. A first time jetty visitor who was talking with me earlier come along with my rope gaff and pole. I surface the fish and steady it before passing the rod to him to hold while I grab the gaff. The first gaff was a small one and not strong enough to bring the fish up. I tie the gaff rope on the jetty railing and went back to my bike to take the bigger gaff. With two gaff in, I clear the area first as by now a big crowd had gather to watch the show. I pull it up and break the two poisonous stings before allow any photo taking. The fish weigh 13kg.


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