One Top One Bottom

Date: 11-04-2018        Time: 1800-2130hrs       Rod: Silstar Travese X 12.6ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 20       Rig: Cable car & Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: Live & Dead herring

Go for another trip as the high tide tonight is around 2130hrs. Current is smooth although some surface wind cause the water a bit choppy. Bait fish today is easily available. Although I cast out two sets of tackle, both fishes come from the same set.

Around 1900hrs before the last light, I decided to change bait. when I wind back, I found this small wolf herring hanging on my cable car rig. It already dead when I haul it up.


After dark I only use the bottom feeder rig. Result come in around 2020hrs. One guy come to my rod to look at my set of tackle. While he touch on my reel, suddenly the alarm sound…He got a little shock of it. haha…I pick up the rod and strike…feel heavy but not big. I slowly wind back and this marine cat fish surface up. He end up help me to haul up the fish by grabbing on my leader.


Both fishes come from the same set of tackle.


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