Big Fingermark Snapper+Bonus

Date: 04-05-2018        Time: 1800-2330hrs        Rod: Penn Slammer white 10.6ft       Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40         Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       Bait: Fresh Cuttle fish.


Check the weather and it say clear in the east side. Headed down and tide is still going down. Setup two sets of tackles with top and bottom bait. Live bait is easily available.

No action when sky turn dark so I concentrate on just bottom. Setup squid lamp but no squid spotted. Only a small cuttle fish caught. I quickly use it as bait and cast out.

Then suddenly a quick down pour. I was caught off guard. It lasted only about ten minutes. After the rain, I re-check the bait and it still intact. Casted out again.

Scoop up a green squid when it surface up and come near to my squid lamp attracted by a school of bait fish.


Around 2235hrs, one of my rod the alarm sounded. It screech another few time before I strike. Yes…fish on….slowly wind back….It did struggle on the way back. Surface up it was a big fingermark snapper. I ask one of my friend to take my squid net and scoop it up.



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