Queen Fish on Bottom Feeder

Date: 16-01-2020      Time: 1900 hrs      Rod: Penn Power Stick 10 ft.       Reel: Shimano Torium 20        Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       Bait: Fresh herring.

Went for a short trip again. Tide is going down and current is strong. Manage to jig for some fresh bait and set up two sets of tackles. As there is still day light left, I put both rods with top and bottom rig.

Bottom bait was lasting on this period of tide. No action until 1900 hrs. I saw my Penn power stick rod tip bend….I rush forward to grab the rod….the reel alarm goes off as well…I strike hard….YES…FISH ON….Here then I notice it was the bottom rig that is hook up…I can see the top rig live bait hanging around while i wind back the line. The fish gave some strong struggle moving left and right…It surface up just in front of the jetty…Haha…Queen fish….It didn’t make any surface jump at all. I lift it head above water to weaken it down. After a while, I ask a cyclist who is the only person there to hold the rod for me. I grab my ready gaff and bring it up. Estimate 2kg plus in weight. Haha.. My next fish n chip meal is secured.


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