Shovel nose shark

Date: 05-04-2020      Time: 2100 hrs      Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6 ft.     Reel: Daiwa Saltist 40       Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder.    Bait: Fresh Tamban

As usual go for a short trip in the evening. Tide is coming up and current is strong as it is full moon tonight. Manage to jig for some fresh bait before last light

Set up two sets of tackles. Both on bottom feeder rig. Initially bait was not lasting but it changes when tide is mid way up.

I was searching for squid under my lamp when i heard a reel alarm sounded. Rush over to the rod and I strike hard. The fish took a long run even after i tighten my drag. Stripping out all my entire mono leader which is about 100 plus meter long. It stop after and i started to pump and gain line back. It started to run out again when I manage to gain back half the distance of line. But it didn’t run far and i was gaining line again. Once it near to the jetty and almost surface that it took another last run for a dive. Once it stop I keep pump and wind and manage to surface it. The first sight of it was a diamond head pop up. Wow…Shovel nose and not stingray which i thought as during the fight it didn’t show any sign of a hookup shovel nose like leaping up and try to shake out the hook.

First gaff was on spot hook on it mouth and firm. To lift up such a big fish up the jetty, I pluck in another two rope gaffs so that to even out the weight for a smooth lifting. Estimate this fish is near to 30kg in weight. This is my personal best record on this fish species.




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