80kg Honeycomb Whip Ray landed

Date: 30-07-2020 Time: 6pm to 9+pm Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft Reel: Surf Master 30 Line: 30 lbs braided joint with 60 lbs mono leader Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh Tamban

Reach there around 5.30 pm. Tide was on the way up while current was smooth. Jig for some fresh bait and cast out two rods. One on bottom rig and the other on cable car rig for surface predator.

It was the second change of bait for the bottom feeder rig. While i was chatting with a friend, i saw my rod tip bend a bit. I thought it was sea weed that flow and tangle on my main line. It follow by another tip bend. I went to pickup the rod and strike. Wow…it just go off and strip my line out. The first run strip of half my spool line straight toward the deeper water. It stop for a while. I try to pump and gain line but it doesn’t allow. It was too heavy…then follow by another run out…stripping another half of the half spool. I balance only a quarter of line left on the spool. I thought i am going to have and empty spool. Luckily, it stop and i manage to gain cm by cm of line back.

With the help of few friends who help to take turn to fight, we manage to gain back half spool of line. It then move again the current flow. We fought hard and gain back cm by cm of line. After 3 hours plus of hard work, we are in control of the fish. By now the current start to pickup and strong.

Finally we able to surface it. Four gaffs was used to bring it up with few friends putting all their effort to help.

We had to cut up the fish and weigh it part by part to get the actual weight of the fish. Final weight add up to 80kg. The fish was share among many friends. This fish could be the second heaviest that have caught at bedok jetty since it open in 1974.

Look at the tail….just as it name…a whip
Size of a five person hawker table top
The rod that haul up this 80kg fish…Penn Slammer 10.6ft.
This reel bring up the fish…..Surf Master 30

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