Queen Fish on first bait

Date: 18-08-2020 Time: 1930 hrs Rod: Penn Power stick 10ft. Reel: Shimano Torium 20 Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder Bait: fresh Herring(Tamban)

As usual went for a short trip. Tide is on the way up. Current is smooth and the bait is lasting. Tonight I only cast one rod out as i also catching arrow squid so don’t want to be too busy.

Before the last light manage to jig some fresh bait to use. Ah Boy come along to catch squid but didn’t fish. I told him the water is nice and the bait lasting so chances is great for fishing.

While chatting with him, suddenly my reel alarm sounded…I pickup the rod to strike…fish on…quite heavy but not that big…I ask him to prepare my gaff.

The fish was moving around so i know it is not a stingray but i can’t tell what fish is it. It just struggle hard and follow the current flow. I just keep gaining back line and the fish move close to the jetty. It try hard wanted to go below the jetty but I lift my rod upward to prevent it. Finally it surface up. Queen fish…It didn’t jump off the water surface due to my heavy sinker.

Ah Boy do a fast gaff on it and haul it up. It weigh 5.4 kg.

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