Mangrove Jack

Date: 31-03-2021 Time: 2100 hrs Rod: Penn PowerStick 10 ft. Reel: Reelsking 10000

Rig: Long snood bottom feeder Bait: Fresh big Tamban(herring)

Another weekday short trip. Two sets of Fixed spool tackles with bottom feeder rig. Tide was going down went I started

Bait initially was not lasting as I use frozen tamban. Before sunset I only able to jig two big tamban.

When tide turn, I quickly change to the two fresh tamban. Fifteen minute later I go and check my line that I notice one line a bit slack. I decide to wind up and check. I pump the rod and feel some weight at the end follow by little struggle. I know I got a small hookup. Slowly I wind back. Midway, this fellow decide to make a run. It cause the reel to screech which alarm one of my friend who standing nearby to ask me is it a hook up.

When surface it was a table size Mangrove Jack around 500g. I use my rod to lift it up.

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