No Fish, Prawn also Good

Date: 29-05-2021 Time: 9.55 pm

Tide was on the way up. Current was smooth but water surface was push by a strong eastern wind and choppy. I was about to change my fresh herring bait when I pump the rod, suddenly the fish make a run with my line out then I realize I had a hookup. Maybe if I had delay another five minute it may make my reel alarm sound.

My feeling it was a mid size stingray and it did do some struggle and at one point going against the current. I slow down the fight to allowed other anglers near me to wind back their line to clear the space to avoid line tangle.

Halfway through the fish manage to unhook and break free.

Just minute after loosing the fish I saw this big red legged prawn under my squid lamp. I scoop it up with my squid net.

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