Date: 11-07-2022 Time: 2230hrs. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Herring

Went for a short trip in the evening on this holiday night. Tide is on the way up but current flow is slow. Can’t get any tamban on this uptide. Luckily friend Simon Yeo was there and he passed me about twenty pcs on his early catch.

The water change direction early as the down tide has a strong current flow. Bait was not lasting at this period. Need to be hard working to change bait constantly.

Lucky enough, around 2230hrs, I manage to wind back this 30 over cm long Threadfin when i found out that my line n the rod tip had a ninety degree angle. This cause me to check on the bait. The fish could have hookup when I was searching for squid on my light and didn’t notice it. As the current was so strong, immediately after hookup, the fish was wash away by the current flow n result without hitting the reel alarm.

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