3.9kg Threadfin Salmon

Date: 27/09/2022. Time:1910hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel: CTS 12000. Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder. Bait: Fresh Tamban.

Suppose to go on this morning trip, but last minute decided to go on the evening as yesterday trip was not fruitful. Haha..

Reach there quickly set up two tackles set and cast out with frozen tamban as bait. Then I start to jig for fresh bait. It was end of down tide and the current still haven’t change direction. At this period of time fresh bait was very difficult to jig. With some hard work, I manage to caught just seven of it.

When tide turn up, i quickly change to fresh bait. I was eating my pack of dinner when i saw my rod tip rattle. I stop my dinner and grab hold of the rod and strike hard. Yes, fish on. Feeling not very big but has some fight at the line end. I slowly wind back and it did some struggle along the way. When it surface, i was no surprise as i had the feeling it could be this fish. I ask a young angler there to grab hold my landing net and lower it down to the water surface. I drag the fish into the net and he pull it up.

The landing net.

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