2kg Threadfin

Date: 19-05-2023. Time:20.00hrs. Rod: Penn Slammer 9ft. Reel : EA 12000. Bait; Fresh herring.

Reach there around 6pm. Still got day light so quickly jig for some fresh tamban. Was surprised as just few anglers around as compare to other Friday evening.

When night fall, I am the only angler there. Tide was up coming and the southern wind was strong. Water was choppy.

Around 20.00hrs, suddenly i saw my rod tip bend and follow by a screech on the reel alarm. I strike hard on the rod. Feel some heavy at the line end. Great..fish on…i wind back the line slowly….a threadfin appear on the water surface…i steer it close to my squid light and ask a men who was walking around to help grab my squid net and scoop it up.

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