No Escape This Time.

Date: 10-06-2007   Time: 0240am    Rod: Penn Slammer 10.6ft    Reel: Daiwa LD 50SH    Line: 30lbs mono   Rig: Long Snood bottom Feeder     Bait: Dead Tamban(herring)

Two years back he missed one due to too “kan chong” n fall down before he pickup the rod to strike. But this time he make no mistake. He is Xiao Hei, one of my forum member n bedok jetty kaki. They were fishing at the left end side while i fish on the right end side. But when the alarm went off, I can hear it screaming.

It was already the early morning of sunday. Most anglers has either left there or already sleeping. Only some hard working one is still hanging around. It was quite quiet by now as compare to the early night. Tide is half way up n about to change direction. Suddenly i heard reel alarm sounded. From my side I look toward the left side. I saw Xiao Hei rushing toward his rod follow by LK. Xiao Hei pickup the rod first n strike…haha.. n I heard LK say….”wow U so fast le” hehe…

Yes…the fight is on… From far it look like could be a stingray…His Slammer rod is fully bend….hoho… big one…..They started to shout for me to get gaff…Haha… I was already preparing…When my gaff is ready…the fish has swim toward my side n Xiao Hei has come over n are winding back line. When the fish surface…WOw !….COBIA……haha…The fish try a few time wanted to swim below the jetty but was stop by this fast learner angler. He stand on the jetty railing n use his rod to have full control of the fish..I missed the first gaff when the fish is struggling furiously…Xiao Hei manage to calm it down by lifting the head above water. I take the chance to gaff on it stomach. With Raymond help…I lifted it up to the jetty flooring….LK bring out a scale n I weigh it. It tip the scale at 11.8kg. Hoho… second cobia landed this year….what next ?????


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