Double Barracuda

Date: 14-07-2007    Time: 7pm to 12am.  


Before I reach the jetty, Hon already call me to inform that Xiao Hei had just lost a 5-6kg leopard ray when trying to lift the fish up as they has no gaff to do the job. How they wish I was there earlier.

It was quite crowded tonight at the jetty. Manage to squeeze in a place for my rod to be casted out. Tide was coming up smoothly. By 10pm, the current started to change direction and move faster. A reel alarm sounded and it was PC 11ft kunnan boat master rod. He strike hard and easily wind in a big barracuda with his Daiwa Saltist 30 reel. Hoho…this fish tip the scale at 4kg.

An hour later it was LK turn. He saw his 11ft Kunnan boat master rod tip shake and take no chance. Quietly winding in a 1.9kg barracuda and lifted it up with the rod.

After this the current was at full flow and even size 7 sinker can’t hold bottom. On seeing this condition, everybody start to packup.


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