I Just Strike

Date: 14-07-2007    Time: 1220pm    Rod: Asahi power cast 12ft.    Reel: Penn 320GTI    Line: 30lbs mono    Rig: Cable car     Bait: Live herring(tamban)

Has been fishing since morning. Casted out about 20 tamban as bait ended with no action. Started to packup as the sun is getting very hot. Suddenly, uncle Sani rod alarm went off. Zzzzzz…Zzzzzz…..Zzzzzz….I look around but can’t find him…He was far away jigging for tamban. Everybody shouting at him but his reaction was slow. haha… I saw that and rush forward to pickup the rod and strike. Hoho…it jump up the surface far away and can’t see clearly..Queenfish was in my mind. It dive downward again. Halfway during the fight I feel something not right. This fish the speed is terrible fast. It gave very short dash with lightning speed here and there. At one point it almost went below the jetty as it has entangle a few line along the way and I have difficulty in winding back the line. But I keep putting pressure on it and manage to hold it well. It finally tired out and surface….WOW!…a big spainish mackeral…no wonder the speed of cutting water so fast. It was easily gaff and lift up. Hoho…It hit the scale at 4.3kg.



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