One Night Two Rays

Tide has full and started to turn down. My Penn Powergraph Surf rod pair with a Penn 113HLW reel was the first to go. The alarm sounded and the line gone loose. Seng was the first to reach the rod and he strike. I took over and the fish was taken out line. After awhile I feel the fish was surfacing up. I thought it was a cobia and was more carefull. But after awhile I manage to saw the fish and it was a small ray. It was wash up by the current flow. I wind it in and use my hand to pull it up. Estimate it weight around 2kg. One guy walk over and ask me to sell it to him. Haha.. I was lazy to cut so I ask him to offer me a price. After some thinking he offer ten dollar… I took a plastic bag and pack it up for him…hehe…

Fifteen minute later…Jerry Zipplex M4 rod pair with a Daiwa LD50 reel alarm was screaming. Finally this virgin rod open account. Again Seng was the first to strike. Jerry was a bit slow in reaction. He took over and the fish was taking line out. He gave a few pump on the rod when the fish stop. After awhile the fish was already on the water surface. I gaff it up and it weight 9.2kg. It has set this year bedok jetty up todate biggest fish and biggest ray landed record. He was shy to take a photo on his catch so I taken on his behalf.

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