The Amazing Surf Rod

The Shoreangler Big Game rod that I bring up the 24kg Stingray was a rod with a story to tell.  The tip part(6.6ft) was a old penn slammer rod tip. Its belong to a regular angler there. He spray this rod with thick paint. One day he casted and the line crack the same time this tip part also fly into the sea as he never fixed it properly to the butt part. Angry..he throw the remaining butt part down also.

Seven years later…one night while I was fishing there…someone hookup a rod tip and throw it at the rubbish bin. I went to throw some rubbish and saw this rod tip. It was full of coral and mud grow on it. I look at it so familiar and take it up. I bent it here, bent it there. Eh…still good le…I took it to the toilet to was it up. The next morning when I went home, I scrap off all the paint, took out all the broken guide until it only left the original blank. Test to bend it and it still look good. I decided to rebuild it. I told my friend and he offer to do it for me. I found a butt part which belong to a broken SURECATCH brand rod. It was 6ft long so I cut it down to about 4ft and it fit well into the tip part.

We spray this rod with mango color yellow and rebuilt it. Hehe…now I got a new rod to play. First test on it show it work well…The first fish tested was a 3.8kg GT. Now it had landed this 24kg ray…it had proven it that after 7 years laying in the sea..the blank still in tip top perfomance. After landing the ray…I check it out and it show no sign of any damage. What a amazing rod to own.


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