Lizard Shark

Date: 27-02-2010     Time: 0015am      Rod: Shoreangler Big Game 10.2ft       Reel: Daiwa Saltist STT40      Line: 30lbs Braided join with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       Bait: Fresh Cuttle fish without shell.

Went there around 7pm. Tide was mid way up and had a good current flow. Not very crowded today so I setup two sets of tackle. Both all use night herring as bait on bottom feeder. It was quite lasting so I just check only about an hour once. No action even after full tide at 10.30pm. Only manage to scoop up two small cuttle fish. I use it as bait on my next bait change. The down tide current was slow  and the water flowing the same direction as the uptide.

Slightly after mid night, suddenly I saw my line gone loose. Quickly I pickup the rod and strike. No struggle at all but only slightly heavy at the end. Thought has hookup rubbish again as tonight the water was full of leave and grass flowing on the surface. It only when I surface it that a lizard shark was struggling around. Thought of lift it up with my rod but someone offer to pull up for me. It size is about 2kg and was deeply hook on the throat so chances of release it was very slim. One of my friend want it so I let him have it.



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