Queenie and Gar fish


Went to the jetty last night but didn’t fish as it was too crowded. Ending up went home to sleep. Wakeup around 6am to wash up and reach jetty around 7.45am. Check with Ah An who was there all the while last night say nothing landed.

Jig for tamban and we all setup cable car rig.Ah An got the first go around 0915am when his reel got a screech. Ending up he wind back a small queenie on his cable car rig. I grab hold of his rig body and haul it up for him.



Half an hour later while I was away jigging for live bait, my penn power stick rod bend and reel alarm sounded. Hong who join us later strike it for me and wind in a small  gar fish(todak). This fish was release after unhook and photo taking.



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