I Eat Fish Also Eat

Date: 01-03-2010     Rod: Penn PowerStick 10ft     Reel: Daiwa Saltist STT40     Line: 30lbs Braided join with 50lbs mono leader      Rig: Long Snood bottom Feeder      Bait: Fresh Herring(Tamban)

Back home early so went for a short trip. Reach there around 6.30pm. Tide has just turn up. Current not fast yet. Setup two tackle set and casted out with fresh tamban caught by Ah Meng who pass some to me.

Bait was not lasting this evening..Has to change very often. Nothing happen and the current start to pickup fast. Near to 9pm…I feel abit hungry so start to make coffee and had a bread for a break. While munching my bread, I take alook at my rod and saw one of my rod tip shaking. It is not those shaking make by strong current flow but definitely is a fish taking the hook. Then I saw my line was carried away by the current flow. Bloody hell…I don’t eat U don’t eat. I eat U also start to eat…(inside my heart was scolding) No choice…quickly swallow down my bread and pickup the rod to strike. Yes…heavy at the end but no struggle. Must be a eel..(I thinking). Wind back it turn out to be a big mouth eel tail catfish. I used my rod to lift it up. It weigh at 1.9kg. Call up one of my friend who love to eat this fish and pass it to him. He repay me by buying a ice cream with bread.


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