Both Hookup almost at the same time

Date: 06-03-2010     Rod: Penn Long Range 13ft      Reel: Daiwa LD50     Line: 30lbs mono      Rig: Long Snood bottom Feeder      Bait: Night Herring(Tuabak)

It was already 2am and the tide is turning down. Siong reel alarm was the first to sound. I shouted for him to strike. However he fumble at his drag and didn’t strike. He suddenly pass the rod to me and say he dare not fight and ask me to do on his behalf. I strike straight away and it was on.

Gary who fish at another corner come over to look. Suddenly some one shouted for him to go back. It was his reel alarm also sounded. Haha.. two fishes on at the same time. He rush over and White(another angler) already strike for him and pass him the rod.

For my side, the fish started to swim inward. I had to speedup my winding to catchup with it. When near the jetty, it make a splash at the water surface then dive downward again. Then it stay deep for awhile before I over power it. It surface and now Siong already ready with his rope gaff. It turn out to be a stingray. By now Gary also landed his fish and it was a Queen fish.


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