His Personal Best

Rod: Century Vectra 13.6ft     Reel: shimano Torium 30     Line: 30lbs mono     Rig: Long snood bottom feeder    Bait: fresh squid

It was already 2 plus in the early morning….I was getting sleepy…so I decide to packup….While I almost ready to move off….Suddenly…Ah An reel alarm go screaming…..Ya….almost full tide now and the fish bite again…Ah An strike it and play….I getting ready his gaff….This time it look the fish is bigger…It gave ah An alot of pump n dive…After sometime…the fish come nearer to the jetty but refuse to surface due to the brightness of the jetty light….but ah An almost shakeout…I took over the rod…I make some pump and the fish was almost up…but it has entangle another angler line….so I had to hold on and get the other angler to release his line….Finally…I surface and Ah An gaff it up….Another female ray at 15kg in weight…a personal record heavy catch for him.



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