Twin Queen and King

Date: 30-06-2013     Time: 0010am & 0200am      Rod: Centuary Vectra 13.6ft      Reel: Shimano Torium 30     Line 40lbs mono     Rig: Long snood bottom feeder      Bait: Fresh squid

Twin(two) Queenfish n King size(some of the biggest caught at jetty)..Yes…ah An was a lucky man last night…The fish just love his bait..

The first one come around just pass mid night….the reel alarm go screaming…Ah Hong was the fastest to reach the rod…but he hesitate to strike…because it was not his rod…We had to shout for him to strike the rod as the alarm keep going…He strike but in a mess…first was the strike was not forcefull…due to he never thumb on the spool…follow by a birdnest of line in the reel…I shouted for him to lower the rod for me to hold the main fishing line as he untie the mess up line…but he didn’t..Luckily the fish was still in hook after he manage to free all the mess up…I told him to strike one more time to secure the hookup…The fish swim inward toward the jetty…after some struggle…it surface…I gaff it up and it was such a big queen fish…weighing 6.4kg…Wow! Tide was on the way up..

2am…suddenly i heard a thunder somewhere in the south west side…afraid that it might rain…I decided to stop catching squid…and I went to cut up the queen fish as no body want it…Half way through…Ah An reel alarm sound again…He went for it and strike…I had to stop the cutting and prepare his gaff…He fought the fish awhile before able to surface it…Well is is a queen fish again….I gaff it up and it weigh 6.3kg…Haha…both fish could be come from the same school of big queenie that swim pass the jetty and attracted by his fresh squid bait. End up I had to cut up two fishes..and alots of fish n chip to eat for days to come…



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