Four in a night

Date: 02-05-2014     Time: 5.30pm to 11.45pm     Rig: Long snood bottom feeder    Bait: fresh Tamban

Tackle: Ah Boi – Custom rod 12ft n Shimano Torium 20

Ah Fei – Penn Slammer 10.6ft n Penn Squall 40

Three anglers….four fishes…this thing seldom happen at jetty…but last nite it does…

We started out jigging tamban for bait before dark….then we setup our tackles….Not long after that….Ah Boi got his first fish on a cable car rig….A 5kg queenie take his live bait and let his reel go screaming….I was beside it and I took the rod and strike…the fish make two acrobatic jump on the water surface and was bring in by Ah Boi himself after I pass the rod back to him. I gaff it up.

Next was Ah Fei…his reel screech when the tide start to turn up….We initally thought it caught a floating rubbish…until we saw something jumping out of water far away…Fei wind back a 1kg plus barracuda….he use his rod to lift it up.

Not long after….Ah Fei reel start to sceam again…..It turn out a small marine catfish around a kg. Again he use his rod to lift it up.

Then…later in the night….ah Boi move his rod to another spot…and he got his jackpot…His reel scream again….The fish again make a acobatic jump far away…..but ah Boi bring it in….it turn out to another queenfish…I gaff it up…it weigh slightly lighter….4.75kg.

Feibaracuda photo Feibarracuda.jpg

Four photo Four.jpg

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