Fishing Jetty at Southern Australia

Recently I make a trip to Adelaide and kangaroo island of southern Australia. My trip was to travel so i didn’t bring any tackles to test the water there. Manage to visit some of the fishing jetty there and here i put it up. Anyone who interested to visit there can bring your tackles to try it out.

Glenelg jetty.

Located on the south western part of Adelaide town. You can take a free tram from the town and drop at the last station. This jetty has deep water access.





Cape Jervis ferry terminal jetty

Located on the the south western end of Adelaide, this is where you take a ferry to the Kangaroo Island. It just beside the ferry terminal and you can fish even the ferry is around. It access to deep water.



Vivonne bay jetty

Located on the southern part of Kangaroo island and is facing the south pacific ocean. According to the local, this jetty is use by those crayfish fisherman to upload their catches.

Vivonne bay 163405

vivonne bayWA0040


Kingscote Jetty

Located on the north eastern side of kangaroo island. This jetty access to very deep water.



Kingscote fishermen’s jetty

Located just next to the Kingscote jetty, it is shorter but also access to deep water area.

Kingscote fishermanWA0005

Kingscote American River jetty

American riverWA0009

Kingscote mooring jetty. A near bank jetty but have deep water area.

KSmooring jettyWA0006


Penneshaw Jetty Kangaroo Island.

This is where the ferry from Cape Jervis stop. You can fish even the ferry is around. Very clear water.



Penneshaw WA0013


Granite island The Screwpile jetty

Located at the Granite island opposite Victor Harbour south of Adelaide. This jetty access to deep water. You can drop at Victor harbour and walk across the link bridge between both places.

VH screw pile WA0030


Goolwa Town Hectors Jetty

Located at the Murray river between Goolwa and the Hindmarsh island.

Goolwa hector 3347

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