Brown Eel

Date: 05-02-2018        Time: 5.30pm to 8.30pm       Rod: Sasuca 12.6ft(Korean)        Reel: Shimano Torium 20        Line: 30lbs braided with 50lbs mono leader       Rig: Long Snood bottom feeder      Bait: Frozen Tamban

Went for a short trip. Tide was on the way down and current is fast. Jig for live bait but only got two. Set up two sets of tackles with surface and bottom rig. Bottom bait I used frozen tamban which I brought along.

Did get a surface hookup by a Gar fish but it manage to get away without paying the price.

Bottom bait is very lasting and when I was about to pack up that I found one of the rod bottom rig got stuck. I use hand to pull it free but was quite heavy at the end. I wind back and saw a brown eel at the end of the line. Its about four feet in length.


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