Queen Fish by newly self built surf rod

Date: 23 November 2019      Time: 1255hrs       Rod: Alo Flexi surf 9ft.       Reel: Shimano Torium 20       Rig: Cable car       Bait: Live Herring

Back in jetty this morning. Brought along two rods. One newly made multiplyer and a spinning type. As tamban is very rare this morning, I only use cable car rig on both rods. Very thankful to the malay lady who offer me her live tamban. She is repaying me for I help gaff up her big travelly she caught some time back.

Nothing happen until 1245 hrs, The sky is getting dark and show sign of raining soon. I decided to start packup. After washing up my tamban jig and keep it, suddenly my reel alarm sound. The fish make a jump on the water surface. Queenie….I pick up the rod but didn’t strike as the line gone slack. I strike only after I wind and tighten the main line. Fish on…It make few dive downward and many acrobatic jump on the surface while i try to control it. It then swim inward and toward my left. I follow and wind back as many line as possible. Finally it surface and i take control. Once it show sign of weaken, I ask a angler there to hold the rod and i reach for the gaff. Up it come and it weight almost 4kg.


My newly build rod: Alo flexi surf 9ft. When this rod is fully load, it will be in a crescent moon shape.


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