Gar Fish

Date: 26-11-2019      Time:1805 hrs      Rod: Alo Flexi surf 9ft.      Reel: Shimano Torium 20   Rig: Cable car       Bait: Live Tamban

Today the weather around eastern side was good and clear so I go for a early trip. Bring two sets of tackles one on surface rig and the other for bottom.

Tide was on the way up. Current was smooth at this time before the crescent moon rise. Tamban was rare i only got six after some hard work.

While i was jigging a distance away for my rod, the fish took my bait and cause the alarm to screech. I didn’t notice it. It was one of the jogger who heard it and shouted for me. When I back at my rod, the line was slack. I waited until the next pull then I strike.  The fish make a jump on the water surface. Gar Fish….BIG…slowly i wind back the line and it follow. When surface, it was too big to lift up by the rod as my rig line is only 30lbs. I get the jogger to help hold my rod and i get the gaff. Estimate it should be around near to 3kg in weight.


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