My last fish for year 2019

Date: 31/12/2019     Time:1930 hrs      Rod: Penn Power Stick 10 ft.       Reel: Shimano Torium 20       Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder       Bait: Fresh Tamban

The past few night I had been fishing so I know that the bait is very lasting on this evening down tide period. Armed with this knowledge, I decided to go and try my luck for the last fish of the year.

With two sets of tackles, I go without bringing any bait. Just manage to jig three live herring before the day light ended. As the bait is limited, i just use it on cable car rig targeting surface predator.

Night fall…no action on surface rig. I decide to wind back to check. The live bait is still active. I decide to change it to bottom feeder as night time this rig is a better choice. My thinking is if this bait is finish, time to pack up and go home.

1930 hrs, I saw one of my line went slack. I went over wanted to pick up the rod….suddenly the line pull straight and my reel alarm sound…Zzeeeeezziiizzziii. Without thinking I strike hard….YES fish on.

The fish keep diving downward…I try hard to lift it up…I got a strange feeling…many type of fishes went through my mind…what fish is this ?…….cobia…no….shovelnose shark….no…all the feeling is not match on this few fishes when caught.

After some struggle, I manage to bring it close to jetty. It make a last dive down before I win the battle. Once surface, I shone my head light…WOW! Big garoupa.

My friend ah An bring in the gaff. I get Simon to hold the rod and I gaff it. But it was not a firm gaff. I decide to get a second gaff to secure.

Once up, i weigh it. Almost 8kg. This could be a record on Garoupa caught by surf rod at this jetty.




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