Queen Fish

Date: 13-12-2020 Time:1225 hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 9 ft. Brown Spinning Reel: CTS 12000

Rig: Cable car or Slide down rig. Bait: Live herring

Last night raining so didn’t fish. This morning weather look good so headed down. Tide was almost full and current already start change direction. Set up a spinning set on cable car rig and another multiplier set for bottom rig.

Jig hard for live bait and only got one in the beginning. Quickly slide it down on the spinning set. Manage to jig another two for the bottom rig. After this can’t get any live bait no matter how hard i try.

No choice stop for awhile and take my early lunch. Finish and while i was resting ….I saw my spinning rod the tip ripple…went forward and before i able to take the rod, the reel scream….fish took the bait and run out..I strike hard…yes fish on…It keep running for awhile and it really excited me especially you see the spinning spool spin.

It stop and i start gain line back. I manage to surface it while almost near the jetty. Queen fish..Haha..it didn’t do any surface jump this time. A regular angler there come over to help hold my rod and I grab hold of my ready gaff and bring it up. Almost 3 kg in weight.

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