Early Christmas Present.

Date: 21-12-2020 Time: 2230hrs Rod: Penn Slammer 9 ft. Brown Reel: CTS 12000

Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder Bait: Fresh Herring

The evening weather was good. I decided to go for a short trip hoping to meet Santa Clause to get my Christmas present earlier.

Reach there the jetty was empty so I setup two sets of tackles. One on spinning and the other on multiplier. Quickly jigged for some live bait and casted out. Tide was on its way down with smooth current flow.

My friend Johnny Kor joined me awhile later. He used squid as bait and it always finish when wound up to check. I used fresh herring as bait and was quite lasting.

Nothing happen until around 10.30pm. When we were chatting, I heard sound of something rubbing against the jetty railing. I turned around to look at my rod and the tip was bending downward with my line running out. Quickly I rushed forward pickup the rod and strike…Yes fish on…It keep taking my line out with the reel spool spinning at high speed. I had to few time adjust and tighten the drag to slow down the spool rotating. The fish stopped for awhile and I quickly pump n pump to lift it off the seabed. After some hard struggle, I was on the winning side. I slowly get it up to the water surface when it was nearer to the jetty. Johnny was ready with the gaff and he brought it up. Almost 11kg when we weighed it.

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