Gar Fish n Spotted Mackerel

Date: 27-12-2020 Time: 1310-1325 hrs Rig: Cable car/ Slide down live bait Bait: Live herring

Last evening I skip the night trip. This morning weather was good so headed down. Tide was on it way down and current was strong. Jig for live bait and only got few. So decide both rods all go on cable car rig to save short of live bait.

Around 1.10pm…I saw my fixed spool set rod tip rattle…knowing that it could be a gar fish taking, I wait until it tug hard on the rod then i strike. Wind it back and use the rod to lift it up.

Few minutes later after unhook the Gar fish n take picture, my multiplier set reel alarm screech…I strike hard and feel some weight. Wind back slowly and up come a Spanish Mackerel. It was just slightly hook below the jaw. So I use a gaff to bring it up.

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