Date: 27-02-2021 Time: 0000 hrs Rod: Penn Power stick 10 ft. Reel: Silstar AT 80 Fixed Spool Rig: Long Snood Bottom Feeder Bait: Defrost Herring(Tamban)

Past days I tried fishing on the beginning up tide end with no result. Tonight I decided to fish on the last three hours of the up tide. This mean no fresh herring to use as bait as the high tide is late at night. Decide to use my frozen herring instead.

Setup two sets of tackles all on fixed spool and leave my multiplier reel to rest. Defrost bait was not as lasting as fresh one as it will get tear easily when casting out and winding back. So need to change bait more often.

Around 0000 hrs when the tide is fully up, I heard a reel screech. Quickly went to check on both rods and end up grapping the wrong rod. Instead it was the other rod that have hookup as the rod tip now shaking. I strike hard and feel a weight at the end. Easily wind back and a small barracuda surface. It was deeply hook and I use the rod to lift it up.

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